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Wild Kitty Waxing


Professional Bikini Wax

Wild Kitty Waxing is the best in hair removal services! We use a luxurious cream wax that is safe for even the most sensitive skin. With a combined 25 years of experience in skilled waxing and skincare techniques, we pride ourselves on quality, speed and making you as comfortable as possible. Our goal is to make your experience at Wild Kitty Waxing painless and fun!


Includes the removal of hair starting at the top and sides of the bikini area, pelvic area, belly trail, labia, and inner buttcheeks. *If a “strip or triangle” is preferred it is still a “full” if the labia and inner buttocks is removed*


The Classic Bikini wax removes the hair on your bikini line. This includes approximately four fingers outside of the bikini line and one to two fingers inside the bikini line.

Extended Bikini

If you’re looking to remove a bit more than the standard bikini but not wanting to remove as much as a Brazilian, this is the service for you. This is considered a “tight” bikini removing a little more into the pelvic and labia area (labia is not fully removed), *Add the inner butt cheeks for a $12